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Reversible Alien and Rocket Ship

Alien to rocketship, cover – Rocket ship to alien, cover

Here’s something for the lovers of space and science-fiction. An alien fits into its interplanetary transport to make this 2-in-1 reversible toy!

Ravelry project page


Preview: Reversible Alien and Rocket Ship

To be released on (edit) Monday:



See more pictures at Reversible Alien and Rocket Ship set on Flickr. I’m headed to the Underground Music Showcase in Denver for the rest of the weekend. Sorry for the delay to any hopeful knitters!

Reversible Bee and Beehive

Cover- bee with beehive – Cover - Beehive w/bee

Where else does a bzzzz-y bee retire to after a long day collecting from flowers? To her hive, of course!

Ravelry project page

Preview: Reversible bee and beehive

Coming soon: Reversible bee and beehive

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Cover- bee with beehive —Cover - Beehive w/bee

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Reversible Cat and Bird

Cat w/bird, cover –Bird w/cat, cover

Two of my favorite things.  Make the cat match your favorite familiar feline!

Ravelry project page

Reversible Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf

Little Red w/wolf, cover –Wolf w/Little Red

A take on a classic toy and tale – Little Red Riding Hood and a wolf.

Ravelry project page

Free Pattern: Reversible Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Wolf w/sheep, cover –Sheep w/wolf, cover

Is it a wolf masquerading as a sheep or a sheep becoming a tough-looking wolf? Your call.

Download the PDF at the Ravelry project page or download by clicking here! (PDF download: Reversible Wolf and Sheep)

Reversible Lion and Lamb

Lion w/lamb, cover –Lamb w/lion, cover

Ferocious and adorable – this set of predator and prey is two toys at once!

Ravelry project page

Reversible Lion and Tiger

Tiger w/lion, coverLion w/tiger, cover

This pair of big cats is two toys in one! Knit them today to delight the friend of felines in your life.

Ravelry project page

Lion’s Mane Photo Tutorial

To prepare for the release of 5 reversible patterns tomorrow, I thought I’d share with you a tutorial for creating the lions’ manes.  Use this combination of embroidery and surface crochet to create fluffiness anywhere you need it. I’ve done this for boy dolls’ hair. I’m working on a way to turn it into a horse’s mane for an upcoming reversible toy.  So many possibilities!

Download Lion’s Mane Tutorial. (PDF, 970 kb)

A fluffy head of hair for a lion or a man

( @ Ravelry)